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Each year millions of Americans face the reality of living with a mental illness. During May, Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services joins the national movement to raise awareness about mental health, eliminate stigma, provide support, educate our local communities and advocate for policies that support people with mental illness and their families. #MentalHealthIsHealth

“…And let’s get all Americans the mental health services they need. More people they can turn to for help, and full parity between physical and mental health care.”

– President Joe Biden
State of the Union Address, March 1, 2022

Mental health challenges in children, adolescents, and young adults are real and widespread. Even before the pandemic, an alarming number of young people struggled with feelings of helplessness, depression, and thoughts of suicide — and rates have increased over the past decade.”

– U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy

As we promote our message of Mental Health is Health throughout the month of May, we are focusing our advocacy efforts around the successful implementation of 9-8-8.

What is 9-8-8?

In 2020, Congress designated the new 9-8-8 dialing code to operate through the existing National Suicide Prevention Lifeline’s (1-800-273-8255) network of over 200 locally operated and funded crisis centers across the country. 9-8-8 is scheduled to go “LIVE” on July 16, 2022.

Additional resources:

9-8-8 One-Pager
FAQs on 9-8-8

Answer the Call

How do I support this?

Urge your member of Congress to support important legislation that will provide sustainable funding for 9-8-8. Simply click the link below and follow the instructions to identify your Member of Congress and insert their name, and yours, into the pre-written letter asking for their support. Super easy!

Urge Your Legislators to Support the 9-8-8 Implementation Act of 2022: CLICK HERE

Want to read the bill?

Click here to read HR 7116

Do your elected officials know you? Do they prioritize mental health, suicide prevention and 9-8-8?

Reach out anytime to your U.S. Senators or your Member of the U.S. Congress. You’re their constituent and they work for you! Let them know what is important to you. Click to Find Your Local Congress Member

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